As the holidays are quickly approaching, we look at fall and winter as seasons represented by warm fires, warm food, and often the addition of warm colors with throws, pillows and accessories. It is a time in which family members gather together remembering how very thankful they are. This year, especially after months of quarantine, we look forward to being together with family and friends.

A designer can help you prepare for the festivities by doing a simple makeover on your home….Reworking bookshelves, mantles, countertops, and tables, maybe moving a few furniture pieces around can make you feel as if you have a newly decorated home. The designer can bring in a few new pieces to add to your existing decor or work with what you have. You, your family and friends will enjoy that warm and cozy atmosphere that you and your designer have created.

Maxwell House Interior Design offers to decorate your home specifically for the holidays! We can purchase all new decor within your budget or simply install what you already have. Be sure to reserve a spot early to ensure an appointment.

Fall is also a great time to put those kitchen and bathroom renovation thoughts into action! It is never too early to talk to a designer about your next big renovation. Designers can help you cut costs, create a look that is essential to your personality, and work closely with the contractor to help you achieve your dream home.

by Virginia Warren of Maxwell House Interiors

Millions of Americans sheltering-in-place are subsequently re-learning the lost art of nesting. Comfort and quality time have suddenly become paramount, as families are spending more time together at home. Additionally, many are noticing items as well as spaces within their homes that need updating-some small and some large.

Americans are also considering ways their homes could improve functionally, as families spend more time together. Hopefully, family time will become more of a focus in the future even as we get back to our busy lives.

At this time of social distancing, an interior designer can still help get the ball rolling. If all that is needed are simple updates or a fresh look, designers can offer advice on things that can be done to achieve a quick refresh. Simply send them a photograph of areas you are wanting refreshed. Furthermore, sending pictures of things in your cabinets provides designers with ideas of how those items could possibly be used in a different way on your mantle or on your bookshelves. There are also many things designers can find online and subsequently have shipped.

As this time at home progresses, designers are receiving a plethora of phone calls regarding future projects. Feel free to call and speak with one about navigating the best way forward. Additionally, get on their waiting list for after the COVID19 outbreak has subsided. Interior designers can send pictures and ideas for new room piece ideas, fabrics for curtains, bedding, as well as accessories. Sending a designer floor plans or room measurements allows them to begin space-planning a home in conjunction with a family’s needs.

A great deal of interior designing can be done virtually. Doing so also provides something to look forward to in the near future. Orders can be in place and ready to process as soon as the factories are up and running again. More than anything, interior designing reminds us that it is critical in times such as these to keep faith, dreams, creativity and hope alive for the future.

Design Lessons: How To Spot and Correct an Off-Balance Room

Balancing a room can be a complicated matter when it comes to interior design. Some people prefer symmetrical spaces, while others are bored to death by them. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you must admit that a balanced space — in terms of pattern, layout, and color— must be visually appealing. However, knowing how to reach this point encompasses a great deal of trial and error or the help of a trained professional.
If you are concerned about a layout being balanced, sometimes taking a photo can help. In doing so, you must take a critical look at the size, visual weight, color, and texture of the furniture as well as the accessories. The trick is to keep the eye moving, so it doesn’t simply rest in one dominant place, vertically or horizontally.
It is important for you to have awareness of too many legs in a room, especially in the dining room. You must also be sure to have chairs, possibly with skirts or a cabinet, that go to the floor in order to ground the space.
It is also extremely important that you balance a room with various lighting options. Using overhead lighting exclusively can make a room feel like it is collapsing inward. Additionally, lights that are too bright can make a room feel sterile. There is also the use of either warm or cool light bulbs to consider… it all depends on the use of the room.
A commonly overlooked technique is the use of dark colors and large scale prints in a small room such as a powder room. The use of darker colors and large prints can make a room feel warm and cozy. This is something to consider when you are redesigning a living or family room.

In terms of interior design, bringing balance to a room can be very complicated. A space that is balanced must be visually appealing in color, layout, and pattern. Employing a professional interior designer will make reaching this point all the more possible for you.